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At Musictutors.co.uk, we care deeply about your safety and the quality of your experience. Every tutor you see here is a professional who has been interviewed and vetted. The chemistry part we leave to you - get started by sending a message to one or more of our tutors here.

  • Price From £16.20 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £18.45 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £16.20 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons

Learn to play the Drums in Bath

Would you like to play the drums? Or looking to change teacher? Not sure who to turn to for high-quality professional music lessons? Then contact MusicTutors.co.uk today for 50% off your first lesson today! At Music Tutors, we are dedicated to matching students with their perfect tutor who understands their interests as well as learning style.

A High-Quality Drum Teacher Really Makes a Difference!

A Tutors role is to guide and educate the student on their unique musical journey. But also, give them the strong foundations and a good grasp of the basics so that they can flourish into a fantastic player. All our tutors have been through a recruitment process, making sure that they have the necessary experience and aptitude to deliver exceptional lessons focussed around the student's individual interests.

Professional, Trusted Drum Tutors

We are proud to say that our policies on Safeguarding and Child protection are unique and industry leading. We are the only music tuition platform that requires all our tutors to have an enhanced DBS certificate before they can teach. This means that we can guarantee that your lessons are of high quality, and safe.

Why learn the Drums

The Drums. Loud, noisy, but the instrument that can groove, swing, or thrash; but holds the whole band together. Being a drummer comes with a lot of benefits. You can guarantee that you’ll be meeting and playing with loads of people as every drummer is in more than one group. There’s also the energy needed to play the instrument. Playing the drums could help you get fit as well as let off steam!

A more in depth look at all aspects of learning to play the drums can be found in the article the drums.

Are you lookings for lessons in another instrument?

Our constantly expanding tutor base operates in all areas of Bath. No matter where you are, we can find the professional tutor for you. If you’re also interested in other instruments, check out the links below.

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"Great company! Super friendly and very helpful people. The website itself is easy to use, to book the lessons and to stay in contact with students. Definitely recommend both for students and teachers."

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We’re Here to Help

At MusicTutors, we are always on hand to connect students with their perfect tutor. If you have any questions about drums lessons, call us on 07946125613 or via email at [email protected] The office team are all professional musicians and educators who love giving great service. Get in touch today! 07946125613 Or send us an email to [email protected]. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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