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    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £20.70 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
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    save up to 20% with a block of lessons

Finding a Piano Teacher and Taking Piano Lessons in Bristol

Do you want to learn to play the piano? Looking for the right piano teacher for beginner piano lessons in Bristol? Or perhaps you are already playing and are looking for intermeidate or advanced piano lessons in Bristol with an experienced piano tutor? How about getting in touch with one of our experienced piano teachers! Learning to play the piano with the piano teachers at MusicTutors.co.uk is a great idea. Our piano tutors are skilled and experienced teachers as well as professional musicians, who have all been approved by our team through a stringent recruitment process. Whether you are looking for piano lessons in Bristol for beginners, or intermeidate piano lessons, we can find the right piano tutor for you!

Flexible Solutions for Piano Lessons in Bristol at MusicTutors.co.uk!

At MusicTutors.co.uk we understand that life can be crazy. That's why many of our piano tutors are willing to travel to your own home to offer piano lessons in Bristol, and some piano teachers offer the option of learning in a studio/rehearsal space. The sky is the limit when it comes to tailoring a learning experience with our piano teachers that meets your ambitions and needs for piano lessons in Bristol. We understand that for some people, learning to play the piano is something that needs to happen at the same time, same place, every week. In this instance, our team of professional piano tutors will be able to provide piano lessons in Bristol for you to fit in with the spaces you have in your schedule. However, we also understand that for other people, shcedules are more fluid and piano lessons in Bristol will need to happen at different times duting an ever changing schedule. Our team of high-quality piano teachers can also work your piano lessons in Bristol into this kind of schedule as well at no extra charge! musictutors.co.uk wants as many people as possible to be able to enjoy learning to play the piano and so we offer piano lessons in Bristol with a professional piano teacher as flexibly as we can!

Professional, Trusted Piano Tutors - Safe Piano Lessons in Bristol

Safeguarding and child protection are amongst our core values. It is our aim to bring the same level of background check and security that you'd see in a mainstream school into private one-to-one piano lessons. All of our piano tutors hold an Enhanced DBS certificate before they can teach piano lessons in Bristol with us. This allows for a sense of security, and a relationship built on trust between piano student, piano teacher, and parent during the piano lessons in Bristol.

Do I Need My Own Piano for Piano Lessons in Bristol?

It's always a good idea to have your own piano when you take piano lessons so that you can practise between your piano lessons in Bristol. However, there's a great range of keyboards and second hand pianos that can make getting a piano way less expensive. Your piano teacher will be happy to answer any questions you have, simply find a piano teacher you like and send them a message! We've got a few tips for choosing a piano too - something ideally you'll have in place before taking piano lessons in Bristol.....

What to Consider When Buying a Piano for Piano Lessons in Bristol

There are multiple things to take into consideration when purchasing a piano – should I buy an acoustic or digital piano? Upright or grand piano? How much do I need to spend? Here are some things our expert piano teachers recommend you take into account when choosing your piano. Your piano lessons in Bristol will be so much more meaningful if you have the right piano to practice and perform on.

Digital Pianos


  • Our piano teachers say the sound of a digital piano is produced electronically, so it does not need tuning. This can save you money in the long term, leaving more resources free for extra piano lessons in Bristol!
  • One piano teacher comments that most digital pianos have the option of plugging in headphones. This way, you will not disturb anyone while playing, and you don't have to feel self-conscious about practising before your piano lessons in Bristol!
  • There will often be a metronome built-in which can help you practise playing in time. Often, your piano tutor will like you to practice scales and exercises and even pieces on the piano alongside a metronome. This dramatically increases your sense of time, pulse and rhythm - crucial skills for anyone learning to play the piano. The metronome helps bridge the gap between practice and piano lessons in Bristol, where your piano teacher will be there to guide you on these important skills.
  • Most digital pianos are lighter than acoustic pianos and are easier to transport – some can even be disassembled. For the gigging pianist, a stage ready digital piano, complete with weighted keys and stand but without the traditional cabinet associated with the piano is considered a standard piece of kit. For your piano lessons in Bristol, a stage piano will be OK if you are short of space in your own home. If you go to a tutors studio for your piano lessons in Bristol, more often they will have a cabinet to go with the weighted keys of the instrument. Ask your piano teacher for more information.
  • Digital pianos are often much cheaper than acoustic pianos.
  • Cost is of course a significant factor to consider in any instrument purchase. Your piano teacher may be able to advise how to get the most from your budget.


  • The sound of a digital piano is created electronically rather than mechanically, so the player has less control over the tone produced by the piano player. In the beginning stages of learning to play the piano, this may not matter so much. However, your piano teacher may comment that the greater the demands of the piece or the longer that the student has had piano lessons in Bristol, the more likely the piano student will find frustration with the electronic reproduction of piano tone. For other piano tutors the type of instrument doesn't matter as much as the time and focus spent playing it!
  • The sound is not quite the same as an acoustic piano - however the more expensive the piano, generally, the better sound you get. Your piano teacher might have a high quality instrument you can try out. In the higher end of digital pianos, often the worlds very best acoustic pianos are used as the basis for the digital sound, meaning the harmonics and complexities in the real piano tone can be heard, although as any student of the piano who has heard a concert grand in an acoustically designed concert hall will tell you - nothing beats the real thing! In your piano lessons, try comparing the sound of a digital and acoustic piano, assuming your piano teacher has both available of course!
  • The action (how the keys respond and feel) on a digital piano is lighter than on an acoustic piano. This can make it difficult to transfer your playing to an acoustic, and can mean your piano technique isn't as developed. On this note - it's definitely worth paying enough to get a digital piano with weighted keys, that way at least it will feel more similar to an acoustic piano. A piano tutor at musictutors.co.uk will be able to pass down a wealth of knowledge and experience on technique in your piano lessons in Bristol. Learning to play the piano is much a physical task as it is is a mental or musical one. Understanding the action of your own piano is a crucial part of learning to play the piano and developing a solid technical basis is one of the core reasons for seeking out the right piano tutor for your piano lessons in Bristol. Your piano teacher will be able to lay out a plan for improving or embedding a good music technique in your first piano lessons in Bristol.

Acoustic Pianos


  • The acoustic piano has a varied and vivid sound. Each acoustic piano is unique and has a slightly different tone, so you can choose one you really love for your practice and even for your piano lessons if you learn at home. Try it for yourself, walk into any piano store, perhaos with a piano tutor present and sit down at a few pianos and try playing the same piece. You'll be able to hear for yourself the different personalities of the instruments. In a way, the sound and feel of the piano you choose will shape you as a pianist so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Our team of piano teachers will be able to offer advice in your piano lessons and more than likely will be able to point you in the direction of a good dealer or music store nearby who can help you. All the more reason for finding a piano tutor near you who has the right credentials for helping you to learn to play the piano.'
  • As the sound is produced acoustically, you are closer to the source of the sound when you press the key and have more control over tone and volume; something your piano teacher will be most pleased with - both in your piano lessons and also when your practice at home.
  • Practising technique is best done on an acoustic piano - the creation of tone depends on your control and finger strength together with the balance in your forearm. Your piano tutor will be able to advise you on this in your piano lessons in Bristol and offer a range of exercises designed to improve and automate this ability. If you were blindfolded, do you think you would be able to tell the difference between a beginner piano student and a professional piano teacher doing something as simple as playing the note middle C? Perhaps unsurprisingly you would! Technique and the way you approach playing even the simplest of things on a piano is a life times worth of hugely enjoyable work, something made all the more so by enlisting the services of a piano tutor for your piano lessons, someone to be by your side during the trials, tribulations and celebrations on the journey of learning to play the piano. Our biggest tip in this article is to enjoy piano lessons in Bristol with a professional piano teacher.


  • As your piano teacher will tell you, acoustic pianos need to be tuned. This should always be done by a professional piano tuner. It's worth considering this added cost. When your piano is new, you should have it tuned at least twice a year for the first two years, and after that just once a year,regardless of how often you practice piano or have piano lessons in Bristol. Your piano teacher may well be able to point you in the direction of a great piano tuner.
  • Acoustic pianos are difficult to transport. Many a piano has been damaged in transit by trying to cut corners and save costs. It is most definitely a job for the professional and should not be undertaken by an amateur, no matter how keen and no matter how numerous or strong their friends are! Your piano tutor will be able to recommend a local firm who can undertake the logistics of piano removal and we sincerely hope you take this advice onboard - for the sake of pianos everywhere!
  • Acoustic pianos are more expensive than digital pianos. Although the burdgeoning second hand market in pianos and the increase in popularity of digital pianos means that occasionally a bargain can be found, more often an acoustic piano of quality will cost more than a digital equivalent. Your piano teacher will be able to recommend a local dealer or music store who can help advise on the best places to purchase an acoustic piano near you. It's not unusual to discuss a prospective piano purchase in piano lessons in Bristol. It's an important decision that will also have an impact on future piano lessons so your piano teacher will want to make sure you make the right decision!

How old Should My Piano Be?

In modern piano stores, the instruments are seldom more than 10 years old – and therefore in good shape. How much a piano wears over times varies greatly. There are some makers who are known for their quality e.g. Steinway, Bösendorfer and Fazioli. These are worth considering. If you are buying a second-hand piano it is more likely to be an older instrument and you should be aware that the price is likely to match the condition of the piano. It is still possible, if looked after, to learn to play piano on an instrument 50 or even 100 years old. The key thing is understanding the maintenance and tuning history of the piano as best as you can. Your piano tutor will be able to advise on the tone and general condition of the piano you're looking at in your piano lessons in Bristol and many of our piano tutors will be happy to spend some time assessing the quality of the instrument you have chosen to learn to play the piano on. Ask your piano teacher for specific advice when you need it.

How Much Will It Cost to Buy a Piano?

Here's an idea of some different price brackets to consider...

Price Range 1: Digital piano. Price range: £200-£1000 Digital pianos are great for beginners, for players who are looking to play keyboards rather than piano, and for anyone who doesn't have room in their house for an acoustic piano. It's possible to have piano lessons on an instrument in this price range as well. If it has weighted keys, you rpiano teacher will be happy!

Price Range 2: Acoustic piano. Price range: £500-£5000 Acoustic pianos are great for beginners to advanced players. Your piano teacher can give advice on how to proceed.

Price Range 3: Grand piano. Price range: £5000-£50.000 Grand pianos are wonderful instruments if you have the space in your home. Here you get a whole extra range of tone and volume, by adjusting the lid. Our piano teachers love giving piano lessons in Bristol on these instruments but they are by no means essential for piano lessons to take place.

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