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Ableton Live Lessons in Liverpool

Ableton Live is an advanced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which lets you record and produce music. Ableton Live has a wide range of effects and instruments letting you create exactly the sound you want for your next music project. Ableton Live has a great number of tools for professional music producers, but no matter your age or level of skill our teachers can help you develop your skills as a music producer. Lessons in Ableton Live will often contain elements of the following:

  • Solving problems and issues you may have with music production
  • Learning to use tools included in the software
  • Improving your music production skills
  • Recording and mixing
  • Using samples
  • Midi controlling
  • Effects

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We ensure that all of our tutors have an Enhanced DBS Certificate. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and make sure that all teachers share the same level of commitment.

Why learn music production?

Have you written a cool song which you would like to demo? Or maybe you want to produce electronic music and become a modern-day DJ? In any case, working with music production is necessary. Music production software, or Digital Audio Workstation as it's called, like Logic, Ableton or GarageBand, is readily available for PC or MAC. While some of the features are easy to use, getting to something that you actually want to release can be very difficult. Our teachers can help you with going that step further in improving your tracks. It may take time to learn what is essential for a good music track, but when you do get the hang of it, it'll be worth the effort.

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