Anna May H.

Certified tutor in: Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory

Offers Online Lessons.
Graded Exams Offered
5 Years Experience

Certified tutor in: Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory

Offers Online Lessons.
Graded Exams Offered
5 Years Experience

Replies in 17 h. and 58 min.

From £13.95 per. 30 min.

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Offers Online Lessons.
Graded Exams Offered
5 Years Experience
  •  Anna May H. offers online tuition

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About Anna May H.

Anna has been playing guitar for over15 years. In that time, she has gained a BA Honours degree in Professional Musicianship from the British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM), specialising in guitar.

Guitar Lessons
Anna has taught both acoustic and electric guitar to students of all ages and abilities, in a variety of different styles.

You will learn:
Correct posture and technique
The notes on the fretboard
How to read guitar TAB/music notation
Scales and chords
How to play your favourite songs!
Development of your own style
Working towards achieving Rockschool and/or RGT graded exams

Music Theory Lessons
Whether you are a complete beginner or are looking to build on your existing knowledge of music theory, Anna encourages practical application to help solidify your learning.

You will learn:
Beginner theory (note names, major/minor scales, chord construction)
Advanced harmony (altered chords, extensions)

Bass Guitar Lessons
Anna teaches beginners’ bass in a range of styles, including pop, rock and blues.

You will learn:
The notes on the fretboard
Pick/finger technique
How to accompany a band
Bass lines from your favourite songs

First lesson
Your first lesson will start with an informal chat to discuss musical interests and goals. It is Anna’s aim that you leave your first lesson able to play a short melody, which you can practice before your next lesson.

Making Progress
To enjoy practising regularly, it has to be a rewarding and reinforcing experience for students. So, Anna will encourage and facilitate you learning melodies that you know and recognise, meaning you can hear your progress for yourself. She also encourages and helps you to set achievable goals, which will help you track your progress over time and see how far you’ve come.

Everything you need to get started playing the guitar and practicing independently will be covered in your first few lessons. Students song requests are always welcomed.

Lessons include:
How to hold your guitar
How to read guitar TAB and chord diagrams
Learn a melody you recognise

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