Anthony J. F.

10 Years Experience
Classically Trained
Certified tutor in composition, improvisation, piano, music theory, songwriting
From £18.46 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 83 h. and 12 min.

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10 Years Experience
Classically Trained
From £18.46 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 83 h. and 12 min.

About Anthony J. F.

Anthony is an experienced teacher who has taught at Columbia University (New York), Cambridge University, and the Royal College of Music Junior Department. He is a composer, songwriter, and keyboardist, with a Ph.D. in Music Theory from Columbia University.

Mastering any skill is a challenge, but challenges are made easier when they are broken down into smaller tasks, tasks with clear instructions and achievable short-term goals. Whatever your aspiration, Anthony will help break things down into manageable chunks and then devise a practice plan that suits you. Whether a student has 10 minutes or 2 hours to practise each day, they will know exactly what they need to do in that time in order to hone their skills.

Composition and Songwriting - Areas Covered
- Detailed, constructive feedback on works in progress
- Fundamentals of melody and harmony
- How to structure a composition or song
- How to analyze other music and learn from it
- Lyric writing

Improvisation - Areas Covered
- Fundamentals of melody and harmony specific to a particular style
- Exercises for learning the essential rhythms of a particular style
- How to analyze other musical works and use them as models for improvisation
- How to practise improvisation in a structured and controlled way

Music Theory - Areas Covered
- Fundamentals of melody, harmony, and rhythm
- Exercises for putting theoretical concepts into practice
- Exam preparation

Piano - Areas Covered
- Technical foundation
- Repertoire selected to meet the student's needs and interests
- Exam preparation

Genres Covered
Anthony specializes in classical, jazz, and pop/rock.

First lesson - what to expect
Ideally, a discussion of the student's interests and goals will have taken place prior to the first lesson. Based on this prior discussion, a provisional practice plan will be made in time for the first lesson and will be explained in detail (with tweaks made if necessary). It will probably take one or two lessons before an optimal practice plan is formulated, as it takes time for student and teacher to get acquainted.

Beginners of any age are very welcome. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

Anthony tags

10 Years Experience
Classically Trained


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