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Certified tutor in Violin, Singing, songwriting

Offers Online Lessons

Certified tutor in Violin, Singing, songwriting

Offers Online Lessons
From £32,40 per. 60 min.

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Offers Online Lessons

About Azhaar ES

Azhaar is a violinist, singer and composer and is a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music. She has performed and taught in the U.K. and worldwide. As well as classical, she also specializes in jazz and world music. She has coached youth orchestras, conducted chamber groups, coached jazz groups, pop music groups and led workshops in both violin and voice. Azhaar also became involved in the Sistema Method of teaching in South America; as exemplified in the well known Simon Bolivar Orchestra. Azhaar draws on her own experience as a multi instrumentalist, performer, recording artist and composer/arranger to teach effectively. She teaches private lessons in violin, singing and composition/songwriting.

Teaching in violin
Azhaar teaches violin from beginners to professional.

These lessons include:
- Bowing technique
- Left hand positions
- Scales and arpeggios
- Modes
- Tone production
- Musical interpretation and expression
- Sight reading
- Aural training

Teaching in singing
Azhaar teaches singing from beginners to professional.

These lessons include:
- Breathing techniques
- Tone production exercises
- Increasing range and capacity while protecting the voice
- Song interpretations
- Posture and presentation
- Sight reading
- Aural training
- Exercises

Teaching in composition/songwriting
Azhaar teaches composition/songwriting from beginners to professional.

These lessons include:
- Different approaches to writing
- Lyric styles
- Harmonic ideas
- Form
- Recording and transcribing ideas
- Rhythmic possibilities
- Understanding how different instruments work
- Melodic possibilities

Azhaar’s broad musical experience reflects in her teaching and she is able to offer her pupils many different musical styles from jazz to pop, folk to latin including classical. She also specializes in teaching improvisation.

First lesson
Azhaar will start with a chat to get a picture of the experience of the student and what they would like to get out of the lessons. She will then assess the level by gently encouraging the student to play or sing a piece they know or have prepared. Appropriate exercises will be given and together they will discuss and choose some pieces to practice.. Often including a different goal for each piece.

Azhaar’s general approach and philosophy
Azhaar likes to include singing and rhythm in all aspects of teaching because that is our fundamental way of understanding music before transferring it to our chosen instrument/s.

Everyone has different tastes in the music and the instruments they are drawn to.. Azhaar believes in motivating her students with what they naturally enjoy playing while broadening their horizons, so that the importance of practice becomes a labour of love. She also likes to encourage musical appreciation (listening) and performance opportunities.

Please feel free to write Azhaar a message if you are interested in signing up for lessons or have any questions.

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