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Certified tutor in: Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Banjo

Certified tutor in: Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Guitar, Drums, Ukulele, Banjo

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About Bevan M.

Since graduating at the top of his year group at Newcastle University's School of Music in 2017, Bevan has began a busy and exciting career as a professional musician, and is in high demand both at home and abroad, having toured Europe and the US. His educational philosophy is to turn passion into ability, and as such his lessons focus on enjoyment, self-expression and personal fulfillment through music.

Lessons with Bevan
Bevan has always revelled in exploring as many musical avenues as possible, and as such plays a variety of instruments in all sorts of genres. He is happy to listen to the interests of his students and tailor the lessons towards them, introducing as much theory/music reading as is appropriate along the way. Generally he teaches to the Rockschool exam syllabus, as he believes the provide the best framework for contemporary styles, but is happy to teach to other criteria upon request.

As it is his main instrument, Bevan loves to teach the bass. He plays both double and electric bass, and runs the gamut of styles. From slap bass to motown to bowing to jazz. He is able to teach the bass at any level, and explore any genre the student may be interested in. He is particularly experienced at helping electric bassists transfer to double bass, and has a comprehensive method for taking the leap!

Bevan decided that as a bass player, the best way to have an unfailing knowledge of how a rhythm section functions would be to learn the drums as well! As such, he is a versatile and exciting drummer, whose teaching practice emphasises learning the instrument through exploration of rhythm and the countless different sounds the drum kit can make.

Since trying to copy his big brother's guitar licks as a teenager, Bevan has developed an intimate understanding of both the acoustic and electric guitar and their repertoires. In his final year at university, Bevan studied guitar as his second performance study. Though an all rounder, he has specialist knowledge of performing Scottish and Irish folk music on the instrument in DADGAD tuning.

Bevan can teach almost any genre, and loves being taken out of his comfort-zone! Learning is really a no-holes-barred experience with this tutor. Lessons can be as stylistically broad or specialist as the learner desires.

First lesson
Even if you're a total beginner, you're here because you love music, and in the first lesson Bevan meets you as an equal (not a scary strict maestro) and discusses your likes and dislikes, interests and ambitions. You will then devise a plan for your first set of lessons and establish a set of targets to aim for. Then all that's left to do is make some music!

Ideally, beginners will have their own instrument, but if this is not possible then please contact Bevan with your requirements and he will endeavour to help whenever possible. Advice on purchasing an instrument is freely available.

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