Despoina I.

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Certified tutor in: Guitar, Music Theory, A level tutor

Offers Online Lessons.
Graded Exams Offered
All Styles Covered
Classically Trained

Certified tutor in: Guitar, Music Theory, A level tutor

Offers Online Lessons.
Graded Exams Offered
All Styles Covered
Classically Trained

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Offers Online Lessons.
Graded Exams Offered
All Styles Covered
Classically Trained
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About Despoina I.

Despoina is a musician by profession and by passion and a recent music graduate. She is a qualified guitar and music - theory teacher. Despoina loves performing in front of an audience, playing the guitar and the piano in her free time and editing music for theatre performances. Despoina not only is a performer and a teacher but also a researcher specialising in music psychology and aesthetics; she loves exploring and learning new skills and encourages her students to do the same; to be creative and passionate about music!

Teaching in
Despoina teaches Acoustic and Classical Guitar, Music theory beginners to advanced students of all ages.

Classical Guitar (all levels)
- Notation
- Scales
*Preparation for examinations, if required

Acoustic Guitar
- Notation
- Strumming techniques
- Chords
- Songs
*Preparation for examinations, if required

Music Theory (all levels)
- Harmony
- Rhythm
- Timbre
*Preparation for examinations, if required

Lesson Form
The lessons are tailored to the needs of the student. The lessons will follow the learning pace of the students. The students can request to develop their skills in any kind of music. For example: popular music (rock, pop, soul, jazz), classical music.

Despoina teaches (almost) all genres, but specialises in classical music.

First lesson
Your first lesson will start with a brief chat, to introduce yourself to the teacher and also get to know her. You will be encouraged to talk about your passion and experience with music as well as for the reasons why you are interested in taking the lessons. During this chat, you will let the teacher know what you need and what you would like to learn. After the chat, you will get started with some warm-up exercises.

Beginners are very welcome!!

On your first lesson as a beginner, you do not actually need to bring a guitar, the teacher will lend you hers for as long as the lesson lasts. However, if you decide to keep learning, you will have to purchase a guitar and bring it to the lessons.

Music- theory
For your first theory lesson you will need to bring a notebook

The students will be required to purchase their books.


By only working with quality, professional music tutors, we can guarantee the highest standard of music education.


All our tutors have the highest level of background check in place and subscribe to a strict code of conduct, making your music lessons as safe as possible.


Have your music lesson at the same time every week or create your own schedule based on your availability.

Reviews of Despoina I.

5 Average rating based on 5 reviews

Sotiria S.
Despoina is an excellent tutor! She is great at explaining the concepts and she always pays attention to detail to give me feedback on my technique. Apart from the knowledge she has, she is also fun so that makes me really enjoy these lessons and want to learn more:) Totally recommend her for every level!
Chris L.
Despina is very knowledgeable with the patience of a saint. Would highly recommend.
Helen T.
Despoina is lovely with my two daughters (8 and 11). They really enjoy their lessons. She is very attentive to the detail of how they play and really helps to improve their technique. She is very patient and friendly and clearly an excellent musician.
Harry W.
I started as a beginner taking lessons with Despoina a year ago, and I thoroughly recommend her as a teacher. Whether you're new to guitar or more experienced, Despoina has the knowledge, skills and patience (very important in my case!) to teach any level and any style. She's also great fun and (if you're nice to her) she might teach you fun Cypriot folk songs from her homeland! :-)
Craig S.
Despoina is professional, patient, friendly and fun! An excellent tutor who is able to instil confidence whatever your level of guitar ability. Highly recommended! 👍

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