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Certified tutor in: Singing, Music Theory, Violin

Offers Online Lessons.
Classical Repertoire
5 Years Experience
Classically Trained

Certified tutor in: Singing, Music Theory, Violin

Offers Online Lessons.
Classical Repertoire
5 Years Experience
Classically Trained

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Offers Online Lessons.
Classical Repertoire
5 Years Experience
Classically Trained
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About Einar S

Einar trained at the Royal Northern College of Music as well as with leading voice and violin teachers. Alongside his teaching, Einar pursues an active career as a singer. Recent highlights include solo appearances at the Buxton International Festival, Bergen National Opera in Norway and in the world premiere of a major UK opera. In addition to training as a musician Einar has attended numerous music teaching courses, and he is a member of the Association of Teachers of Singing.

Einar is also experienced in and passionate about training children of all ages, and he has a solid understanding of the challenges that young boys face as they encounter the break of their voice. In his teaching, Einar combines his passion for music with a genuine interest in people and communication. He loves exploring the world of music together with students as well as developing their interests, goals and abilities. In addition to always striving for a healthy use of the instrument, whether it be the voice or violin, Einar is committed to maintaining curiosity, enjoyment, playfulness and a natural attitude in the student’s approach to their music making.

Einar is happy to teach both singing and violin at all levels; from beginners to advanced students. He is happy to prepare students for graded exams, other music exams, auditions, competitions and general performance.

The form and content of lessons depend very much on the student. Einar always works with students on an individual basis, tailoring lessons to their needs, interest and personal character. What the student wants to get out of the lessons, as well as their preferred learning methods and what they enjoy, greatly influences how we work and what we do. Lessons with Einar are primarily practical but will also incorporate theoretical approaches. Einar is also happy to adjust the balance between the two, depending on the student's background and interest, and we can easily incorporate aspects such as musical notation, music reading and music theory.

We will focus on technique and building a solid foundation, exploring, building and refining the instrument in a healthy and enjoyable way. We will then put this into practice when using the instrument to perform songs.

Teaching in Singing
In singing lessons we typically focus on:
o Singing technique
o Breath
o Range
o Posture
o Tone production and quality
o Exercises
o Exploring and learning repertoire
o Sight-singing/aural training
o Musical interpretation and presentation
o Languages

Teaching in Violin
In violin lessons we typically focus on:
o Left hand technique
o Bowing technique
o Tone production and quality
o Posture
o Exercises
o Exploring and learning repertoire
o Sight-reading/aural training and tuning
o Musical interpretation and presentation

Einar teaches different genres, the main focus being on a healthy and versatile use of the instrument, but he specialises in classical music and music theatre.

First lesson
Einar normally starts the first lesson with a chat to get to know the student and their expectations and interests, as he likes to plan his lessons in collaboration with students. We then proceed to a warm-up and simple exercises. Depending on the student’s previous experience we will also work on some songs/repertoire that they already know or start learning a new piece. At the end of the lesson we normally briefly re-cap what we have been working on and what to work on in the future. You do not have to bring any materials to the first lesson (apart from an instrument if you are coming for a violin lesson).

Einar is very happy to teach people of all ages and backgrounds, including people with no previous musical experience.
Einar is conscious to keep the costs for students at a minimum. As far as possible, sheet music and similar learning materials will be provided by Einar or obtained from a library. Violin students will be expected to bring their own instrument.

Please get in touch if you are interested in signing up for lessons or have any questions.


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Reviews of Einar S

5 Average rating based on 3 reviews

Charlotte H.
Excellent. Enjoyable and skilled and thoughtful teaching style.
Stephen C.
The progress I have made in only 6 weeks with Einar's tutorage has been pleasantly surprising. He is very encouraging, gives clear instructions to improve my vocals, and gives me honest feedback. I looking forward to continuing my lessons as not only do I learn new skills, I also have some fun along the way.
Gerald F.
I am a mature student (over 50) learning the violin. I have also been searching some time for a suitable teacher - someone who understands how to adapt his methods to the pupils particular needs, and work with them. I would say that Einar is especially good at doing this. We have had 3 lessons now and I am very happy with our progress.

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