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Certified tutor in Cello, Piano, Music Theory, Singing, Keyboard

Certified tutor in Cello, Piano, Music Theory, Singing, Keyboard

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About Ella B

Ella is a highly qualified tutor who has a wealth of teaching experience. The knowledge and good practice she has acquired through working as a professional musician informs her teaching and she enjoys passing on her skills and tips.

Ella started her musical journey at a very young age, and committed to learning several instruments. She now has a successful career as a performer, and is a dedicated music tutor. Ella has a first class degree in Music Performance and Education from University of Music, Cluj Napoca, and in 2010 Ella was awarded the ABRSM Certificate of Teaching in Music. She also attained a certificate in Vocal Performance, specialising in Soul and Gospel from Goldsmith University.

Ella is very passionate about high quality music education. She has been teaching privately in a range of instruments (cello, piano, singing and music training from beginner to advanced) since she graduated in 2006. Her teaching philosophy sits on the pillars of musical self discovery, active learning and ability to communicate through music. She encourages group collaborations and harmonising in orchestra playing, chamber music, choir singing from early stages of learning, as these can really enrich students’ musical experience.

Ella is committed to providing a world class education and instilling a real appreciation of music in all students through her excellent subject knowledge, a good sense of humour and absolute dedication. Ella has successfully trained students for performances as part of school programmes, concerts, music grades, auditions for the National Children’s Orchestra, ABRSM grades, school scholarships etc. All her students have achieved either merits or distinctions in exams and have been applauded for their performances in their Singing, Strings and Music Theory exams.

Teaching in singing
Ella teaches vocals for beginners to advanced students of all ages.

Vocal lessons with Ella include:
- Basic song techniques
- Muscle, breathing, posture and relaxation exercises
- Musical expression and performance
- Note and rhythm exercises
- Vocal technique
- Language coaching
- Sight singing
- Vocal anatomy
- Extended vocal technique
- Harmony
- Performance skills
- Ear training

Teaching in Cello
Ella teaches cello for beginners to advanced students of all ages.

Lessons include:
- Basic technique
- Note reading and rhythm exercises
- Musical expression
- Sight reading
- Exploring different musical genres
- Using metronome
- Bowing technique
- Tuning practice
- Aural for exams
- Performance skills

Teaching in Piano
Ella teaches piano for beginners to intermediate students of all ages.

Piano lessons will include:
- Basic technique
- Note and rhythm exercises
- Musical expression
- Sight reading
- Musical expression
- Performance skills
- Exploring different musical genres
- Using a metronome

Teaching in Aural and Music Theory
Ella teaches Aural and Music Theory for beginners to advanced students of all ages.

The lessons cover:
- All theory basic technique
- Notation
- Ear training
- Musical expression
- Guido D’Arezzo Solfeggio (Solfège).
- Music history
- Music harmony
- Building chords and melody

Ella teaches in most genres: Classical, Jazz, Pop/ Contemporary to Traditional music, Gospel, Soul and R&B, Religious, Byzantine, Gregorian Chant.

First lesson
Working together for the first time can be a daunting experience for both the teacher and the student. It is important for the student, as much as it is for Ella, to get to know the student. In order to adapt her teaching methods appropriately, Ella likes to understand the student’s reasons for taking up a new skill; their musical level and understanding; and a bit about their expectations, wishes and aspirations. She will also adapt the lessons depending on the age of the student.

It is important that students feel totally comfortable with the choice of repertoire and the goals that they are working towards, and most importantly, that they enjoy themselves during the lessons. After all, music is not a chore!

If the student has already a piece they can play/sing, Ella would ask them to prepare it and share it with her during the first lesson. For students with no previous music experience, Ella will bring along a selection of music to try out, but please feel free to bring along any pieces you particularly enjoy or want to learn. For very young students, age 4-6 years any nursery rhyme (sung or played) would be accepted.

For cello students - during the first lesson, you would learn how to hold the instrument and the bow comfortably and how to recognise the four open strings on the page.

Piano students would be required to have at least a touch sensitive keyboard at home.


For beginners and children, you should expect to buy some educational materials for the lessons. Ella will provide song sheets and lyrics but if you are looking to do grades you may be expected to buy the materials needed for the lessons, at which point Ella will give you the title of the books you need and also advise the best places to purchase the materials.

Cello students will need to supply their own instrument and bow in order to be able to put into practice what we learn during the lesson. Please be aware that as a student improves, the music required will change, so further purchases will be required along the way. The size of the instrument should be suited to the student’s size.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ella if you are interested in signing up for lessons or have any further questions.

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