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Graded Exams Offered
5 Years Experience
Fun and Engaging Lessons
Certified tutor in drum kit, drums, music theory
From £13.95 / 30 min.

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Graded Exams Offered
5 Years Experience
Fun and Engaging Lessons
From £13.95 / 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

Replies in 0 h. and 58 min.

About Flo T.

Flo is a professional drummer with a wealth of musical experience, from touring internationally (2014-2017) to graduating from Leeds College of Music with a First Class Honours BA (Hons) in Popular Music Performance (2019). Growing up playing punk, rock, and pop, Flo has toured extensively in the UK and abroad with a punk band and has played in a variety of outfits, from theatre pit bands to electro-pop acts to free improvisation experiments.

Flo’s teaching experience is equally varied, having taught everyone from groups of teenagers in full-band sessions, to individual 50th birthday lessons! Their teaching is flexible and focused on the learners’ needs, creating a friendly environment to learn the genres that each student is interested in. Each lesson is tailored to individual interests, whilst ensuring each student learns (or refreshes) the basics needed to play any music.

Their goal is to get more people, and more diversity, into drumming. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Flo has a keen awareness of how intimidating it can be to step into this world. Lessons are focused around each individual’s needs, with a mind to increasing confidence and getting more people into this wonderful art form!

Flo’s focus is on teaching in a no-pressure, friendly environment to ensure that each student learns the best they can. After all, if it's not fun, it's not going to stick!

Teaching in drums and music theory
Flo’s aim is to make learning drums accessible to anyone who has the itch, so they specialise in teaching beginners & intermediates.

As an experienced player, they also provide lessons for more experienced players who might be looking to explore Moeller technique, refine their sound, or learn some more practice techniques to further their playing.

Flo also teaches music theory up to a Grade 8 standard.

Music notation is taught as standard as part of drum lessons, although they are more than happy to go into detail and teach more in-depth music theory for those interested!

Although Flo’s specialism lies in pop and rock drums, they teach all styles up to an intermediate level (and pop/rock well beyond!).

First lesson
While the specifics of the first lesson varies depending on the student’s experience, it generally starts with a chat to get to know each other and find out the student’s musical interests. Flo always gets beginners playing in the first lesson, just so they can get a feel for the drums (and have some fun!).

From there, the lessons are tailored to fit the needs of the student, making sure the basics (such as technique, posture, and basic beats in a variety of genres) are covered.

As teaching takes place at a rehearsal space (unless lessons are at the student’s home on their own drum kit), beginners aren’t required to own a drum kit. Students are advised to bring a pair of drum sticks to the lesson if they have them, although it isn’t necessary. Ear protection is provided, although students are encouraged to bring their own if they own a pair of ear plugs.

Online lessons
In order to get the most out of online lessons, it is recommended that students have access to the following:

- Computer (laptop or desktop) with a webcam
- Headphones (optional but recommended)
- A second device (such as a smartphone or tablet) for students to stream songs & use an online metronome during the Skype call (optional but recommended)

Although best-suited for students with a drum kit (electric or acoustic), lessons on a practice pad are still hugely beneficial for improving technique, learning rudiments and songs, and improving your playing without access to a drum kit.

In-person lessons
In-person lessons take place at Leeds Music Teachers Collective, which is located at:

Unit 2 Buslingthorpe Green Industrial Estate
Buslingthorpe Green
Meanwood Road

​Free on-site parking is provided. Unfortunately, there is a flight of stairs between the front door and the studio.

There is a one-way system in place throughout the building. On arrival, please wait outside the building and I'll come down and meet you.

In order to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission, students are required to bring their own drum sticks (available to purchase in-lesson for £10), and are encouraged to bring a pair of over-ear headphones if possible. Unless exempt for medical reasons, students are required to wear a face mask. (I will also be wearing a face mask during the lesson. There is a screen in front of the drum kit, enabling students to safely remove masks if required!) Payment via bank transfer is required before the lesson. There is always plenty of hand sanitiser available in the lesson, and teaching takes place at a two-metre distance. If you have any concerns about my teaching practices around COVID-19, please do get in touch to discuss them further.

Reviews of Flo T.

5 Average rating based on 3 reviews

Andres L.
Flo is great with kids. My son didn't have any previous musical training and is really enthusiastic about it. I can appreciate his progress though not being an expert.
Bing W.
I really enjoy learning drum with Flo. They are encouraging and patient with me for all the sessions and we had really good time in the whole process. They explain things in a very clear way and check in often to make sure everything is in place. As a human being, they are also really friendly and thoughful both in teaching and communicating. Hope everyone can start drumming with Flo and I never regret it.
Flo is a really encouraging and flexible tutor who has helped me progress loads in both skill and confidence within a relatively short time of taking drum lessons. I always look forward to the lessons as they are adapted to my pace while challenging me at the same time so I never feel like I'm at a standstill. Flo is very helpful when I message them with questions in between lessons and has useful resources to support what we cover in lesson or to take as homework. All in all, a great tutor who has made it easy for me to learn despite never having taken any kind of music lesson before!

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Graded Exams Offered
5 Years Experience
Fun and Engaging Lessons


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