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Certified tutor in: Music Theory, Singing, Piano

Offers Online Lessons.
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50% discount on the first lesson!

Certified tutor in: Music Theory, Singing, Piano

Offers Online Lessons.
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50% discount on the first lesson!

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Offers Online Lessons.

About Gary R.

Gary is a composer and singer currently enrolled at the Royal Academy of Music. After graduating from Cambridge in 2017 he has been freelancing and teaching in London. His teaching style is grounded in both his academic education and also his practical experience as a musical director and performer. No two musicians are alike, and that is true whether in the rehearsal room for an opera or a student sitting down to look at sheet music for the first time. Gary is committed to giving his students a personal connection to music, and to cultivate a genuine love of the craft.

Teaching in Singing and Theory
Music theory and singing are Gary’s primary teaching areas, though of course they are often intertwined. All ages and abilities are welcome, though Gary particularly enjoys teaching beginners. He is happy to provide lessons for graded exams, but his holistic method means that students will be exposed to a broader approach to music as a discipline. Lessons include technique, historical study, listening, and cultivating a student’s ability to interpret music for themselves.

Music theory is in part an academic discipline. However in Gary’s lessons, the practice of music theory is always related to performance and listening. Assisted by in depth lessons on harmony, structure, and musical textures students will develop a solid basis for understanding music from different perspectives and ultimately help them realise an individual voice in their own practice.

In singing, Gary is equally committed to the fundamentals. Lessons at the start of the process are concerned with the mechanics of singing, focusing on bringing out a students particular vocal strengths as they become more technically proficient. Ensuring that students have the confidence to perform is also a key part of the training. Importantly, Gary will help students develop strategies that both suit their personality and physicality.

Teaching in Piano
Gary also teaches piano to an intermediate standard. Piano lessons will begin with work on hand and finger position and posture, moving on to understanding scales and chords. His style of piano teaching incorporates music theory extensively, as learning the patterns of the piano repertoire will enable students to pick and choose their own pieces rather than being restricted to a grade book syllabus.

The classical genre is where Gary has spent much of his professional career, but he has experience in Musical theatre and popular styles as well.

First Lesson
Students can expect the initial lessons to be about finding the right method for them. A student who is accomplished at an instrument but wants to add singing to their skillset will likely start from a technical basis and move quickly to choosing their own style. Children who are new to music theory will be offered a more holistic program; they will be encouraged to develop their ear and reading ability alongside the more rigorous technical aspects of the discipline.

Gary is always delighted to teach beginners, and is committed to creating a welcoming and supportive learning environment. The pace of teaching is under the student’s control and he encourages his students to raise issues or ask questions as much as possible. A note about music theory lessons; if you would like to bring your instrument to theory lessons that can easily be integrated into the lesson plan.

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