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Certified tutor in: Singing, Piano, Accordion, Music Theory, Tin Whistle

Offers Online Lessons.
Folk Specialist
Music Industry Professional
All Styles Covered

Certified tutor in: Singing, Piano, Accordion, Music Theory, Tin Whistle

Offers Online Lessons.
Folk Specialist
Music Industry Professional
All Styles Covered

Replies in 13 h. and 5 min.

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Offers Online Lessons.
Folk Specialist
Music Industry Professional
All Styles Covered
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About Georgia L.

Georgia released her debut album in late 2017 which led her to a nomination at the BBC radio 2 folk awards. Although she now specialises in folk music she was originally classically trained as a vocalist and pianist from the age of 11 in both classical and jazz genres. She went on to study her degree at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, specialising in voice and songwriting and went on to become a full time artist, performer, teacher, and in-demand session player.

She has worked as a free-lance producer, one fifth of a successful prog-rock band, as well as guest lecturer in schools and universities. Since becoming an artist, Georgia moved back to the south west and swapped a life of keyboards and studios for ceilidhs, festivals, and late night sessions. With such a breadth of experience, Georgia brings an all-encompassing attitude towards teaching. Having taught herself so much over the years, as well as studying with some of the top players in her chosen fields, Georgia is able to adapt her teaching methods to suit you and focus on improving you to the best of your ability.

Teaching in Vocals
If you’re looking to develop your voice for the first time, prep for an audition, expand your repertoire or improve technique, Georgia will be able to help.

Vocal lessons include:
⁃ Basic techniques
⁃ Breathing and relaxation exercises
⁃ Breath control
⁃ Musical expression and performance
⁃ Building repertoire
⁃ Music reading
⁃ If wanted, preparation for graded examinations or auditions

It’s great to set your own goals, as precise or as vague as you like, so you feel motivated to learn and to recognise development.

Teaching in Piano
Georgia teaches piano from beginner to intermediate to students of all ages.

Piano lessons include:
- Accompaniment
- Technique
- Repertoire
- Musical expression and performance
- Guidance for practice
- Notation, sight reading and theory
- If desired, preparation for graded examinations

Georgia has performed in many function bands over the years. This means that Georgia is adept at figuring out keyboard parts of any pop, gospel, rock and commercial tracks that you wish you could play! This can help you along your way to performing with bands up and down the country!

Teaching in Accordion
Georgia loves the accordion. It’s basically the portable piano! Georgia teaches for all ages and from beginners to intermediate.

Lessons include:
⁃ Scales and theory
⁃ Left hand and right hand technique
⁃ Learning tunes
⁃ Learning accompaniment
⁃ Practise exercises
- Learning about the accordion and its capabilities
- Technique
⁃ Posture

Teaching in Whistle
Georgia has studied with some of the great players including Mary Bergin, Brian Finnegan, and Katherine Mann.

Lessons include:
- Basic technique
- Repertoire
- Technique
- Finger exercises
- Breath control
- Ornamentation

Georgia teaches a broad range of genres but specialises in folk and commercial music.

First Lesson
What Georgia would like to discuss with you your personal goals to see the best strategy in helping you. Georgia asks you to create a work diary that allows you to track of your personal progress and what you need to work on for next lesson, so please bring a blank work book with you. By doing this Georgia hopes to create a relaxed atmosphere for her students in order to focus on their development and learning.
Georgia will begin the lesson by discussing your chosen goals and strategies with you. Then she will progress to technique and warm up exercises. After that she will begin to focus on the development of your goals and finish by giving you some ideas for personal practice and planning for next lesson.
Each student is different and Georgia will draw on her experience, both as a performer and teacher, to tailor the lesson to best fit you.

Georgia looks forward to teaching beginners. The early stages often prove the most rewarding and fun for anyone new to their instrument. All ages are welcome and Georgia will adapt her teaching to meet your requirements because with the right methods she believes anyone can learn!

If you’re interested in signing up for lessons or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to write Georgia a message, she will be most happy to respond.


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Reviews of Georgia L.

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Mikael J.
I've been having singing lessons with Georgia for the past few months and they have been really useful and fun! I have learned to control my voice better and improved the overall tone of my voice while singing. She has helped me, not just with singing, but also with the arrangements of my own songs and how to get the most out of my talents as a musician.
George B. E.
Incredible, friendly and professional teacher who knows how to get the best out of you.
Jack H.
Excellent listening then planning lessons to help me. Georgia is capable of adapting on the fly however she needs to so I can learn and enjoy each lesson. And I'm getting better :) Recommended ++
Peter S.
Georgia is totally awesome. She is enthusiastic, supportive and really understands the art of singing. Her own singing is fantastic and it is always fun to have a lesson with her. Highly recommended.
When I started singing, I was singing WAAAY off pitch, so I was a bit shy about singing even in front of a teacher. But with a few months of lessons it improved a loooot, to the point where I kinda enjoy my voice(it's a looong way from where I started haha). Super recommend her as she focus on each of the parts that need improvement, trying to get you to the point you want. (:
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