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Graded Exams Offered
Beginners Welcome
Fun and Engaging Lessons
Certified tutor in piano, violin, music theory
From £16.20 / 30 min.

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Graded Exams Offered
Beginners Welcome
Fun and Engaging Lessons
From £16.20 / 30 min.

Lowest price includes 20% discount for block booking.

Replies in 1 h. and 5 min.

About Karen C.

Karen's background:
- Karen has 25 years plus experience of teaching children, teenagers and adults.
- Karen has ABRSM Grade 8 Distinction in Violin, ABRSM Grade 5 Merit in Piano and ABRSM Grade 5 and 6 in Music Theory. Karen studied for 1 year an Introduction to Music Therapy and is currently studying for the Certificate for Music Educators.
- Karen engages well with the students and makes music lessons fun with a reward scheme for young children of a musical pencil or rubber or notebook after students obtain 10 *’s or ‘well done’ as a thank you for all their hard work.
- Karen is passionate about teaching music and really enjoys teaching and believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn and instrument.

Karen offers the following to students:
- Karen teaches Violin, Piano and Music Theory to children, teenagers and adults and also teaches children, teenagers and adults with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ADHD and ME.
- Pupils can work towards graded exams if they want to with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Rock School of Music and Trinity College.
- Students will learn the correct posture and technique for playing the violin and piano. They will learn to read musical notation, recognize pitch and rhythm, how to play loudly and softly and develop tone on their selected instrument. Lessons will incorporate step by step all the techniques to enable the student to play music on their chosen instrument and to help with the practical learning each student can develop their music theory knowledge.
- For example, in the first lesson Karen will check that the fit of the violin is a correct fit for the student and that it is not too large or too small. A beginner learning violin will learn about the parts of the violin and bow, about posture, how to hold the violin and bow. Also learn to pluck the strings and then using the bow to play the violin.
- For the piano, a beginner will learn posture, how to place the hands on the keys and play notes, learn about the duration of notes, musical alphabet and names of notes in the right hand and the left hand, playing pieces hands separately, gradually moving towards playing hands together.

Genres taught
Karen teaches rock, pop and classical genres.

Your first lesson
The first lesson will start with chatting to the student (and parent if the student is a young person) to find out what they want to achieve in their lessons and what style of music they would like to learn through. If the student has previous knowledge of the instrument prior to the lesson Karen would have asked if student would like to play a piece that they have been working on, only if they feel comfortable doing this. Karen is very easy to chat to, very patient and easy to engage with and students will find it easy to ask questions if they have any queries about their learning.

Beginners - recommended equipment and resources:

Once the student has their violin, they will also need a shoulder pad/rest to fit the size of the instrument this can be discussed with Karen in the first lesson when the fit of the violin to student is checked. A violin tuition book suited to age of student will be discussed.

It would be a good idea to purchase a foldable music stand, a spare set of violin strings for the size of the instrument, rosin and a tuner (violin tuner apps can be purchased from the app store also).

A keyboard or piano is required, and advice can be given before the lesson by Karen. Also, a piano tuition book suited to age of student will be discussed.

Reviews of Karen C.

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Vicky R.
A fantastic tutor with children, very patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend. I've just booked my son another block of violin lessons.

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Graded Exams Offered
Beginners Welcome
Fun and Engaging Lessons


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