Levi C.

Certified tutor in: Music Theory, Guitar

Offers Online Lessons.

Certified tutor in: Music Theory, Guitar

Offers Online Lessons.

From £11.70 - £14.63 per. 30 min.

Prices shown are including the 20% discount with the Fixed Term Plan.

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Offers Online Lessons.

About Levi C.

Levi has 15+ years experience of playing, writing and performing music both as a session player and independent musician. He has studied music theory privately and academically since 2009 and attended Brighton's Institute of Modern Music before becoming a professional musician. His goal is always to find what makes a student unique and encourage them to find their own voice through the medium of music and creativity, while also equipping students with the tools to delve deeper into music in their own time and way.

Teaching in Guitar
Levi teaches guitar (electric and acoustic) from beginners to advanced students, ages 7 and up.

How he can help your guitar playing:
– Holding the instrument correctly
– Using a plectrum and the fingers properly
– Posture
– Movement efficiency
– Breathing
– Technique
– Tone and how to produce notes

Teaching in Music Theory
Levi teaches music theory from beginners to advanced students, ages 7 and up.

Music Theory can vastly improve your understanding of how music works and allows you to identify the sounds you hear. If you're a beginner in this field you will look at:
– Building an understanding of music theory
– Developing a relationship between theory and your instrument
– Identifying the sounds of chords or scales and learning them
– The function of those sounds in a song
– The ability to improvise

Levi can accommodate finger and plectrum style players who want to know more about Folk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal and Funk playing.

First Lesson
Your first lesson will begin with a chat to gauge the student’s interests (genres, inspirations, etc...) and find out what it is they want to achieve on the guitar. The student will learn how to warm up effectively and to train our ears to take stock of what sounds we are producing and correct them if they are wrong. The learning will be taken at the student’s own pace to avoid discouragement and learning bad habits that can arise from rushing material. Students are encouraged to ask questions about anything they do not understand as this will influence the course of learning, further tailoring it to the students own abilities and interests.

Students do not have to own a guitar to start with, as one can be provided in the lesson. However, having an instrument to practise on at home will be essential to progression. Advice and guidance on types of guitars and choosing what to buy can be discussed after or before lessons with both student and parent/guardian present.

The learning environment is pet and smoke free.

On-street parking is limited.

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