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Certified tutor in: Singing, Music Theory, Music Production, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Offers Online Lessons.

Certified tutor in: Singing, Music Theory, Music Production, Ableton Live, Logic Pro

Offers Online Lessons.

From £13.95 per. 30 min.

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Offers Online Lessons.
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About Max T.

Max is a freelance musician who is passionate about inspiring people to pursue a career in music. Having recently completed a Music Degree at the University of Bristol, Max has a broad yet detailed knowledge of music, its history and compositional techniques spanning from 800AD up to the 21st Century. Max runs a recording studio and artist development company which promotes the music of hard working and talented acts in the South-West.

Max is patient and prides himself in teaching in a way that allows you to fully understand concepts as opposed to simply being able to regurgitate them. He creates a relaxed, fun, and nurturing learning environment for his students while also using goal setting to track progress.

Music Production
Max teaches music production from beginner to intermediate level across various DAWs (production software) for all ages. You can choose between either electronic music or live/acoustic music (bands etc.) In either case, you will learn:
- Basic Software Functionality
- Project Management
- Sequencing/Arrangement*
- Sound design/Tone crafting*
- MIDI Programming
- Microphone Placements & Recording Techniques*
- Music Theory*
- Mixing*
- Mastering*
- Acoustics

Max teaches in Ableton Live, but will teach the techniques above with an asterisk (*) in any DAW. This means that a basic knowledge of your chosen software is needed if you are not an Ableton user. Production lessons can either be carried out at Max's Studio, or online.

Music Theory
Max believes music theory is the foundation of musicianship and that it is crucial to musical development in your chosen instrument or voice, or indeed for musical studies. Max teaches music theory from beginner to Grade 6 for those preparing to take ABRSM or Trinity Graded exams, but will teach up to Grade 8 and beyond for those wanting to learn for pure pleasure.

Having had classical singing training from a young age as a Chorister at Winchester Cathedral, Max’s repertoire is diverse and expansive. His experience allows him to identify how you can sing to your maximum potential without strain or injury, while encouraging depth, stamina and ultimate control over your voice.

By using exercises as the basis for practice and reference, you will:
- Expand your range
- Develop a unique style
- Learn projection, annunciation and stage presence
- Reduce performance anxiety
- Increase stamina

Classical singers must be male, broken voice only. Modern singers may be any voice type.

Max can teach in all genres for both music production and singing!

First Lesson
Your first lesson will be an opportunity for you to get to know Max, explain any areas where you are struggling, assess your goals and aspirations, and create a plan to help you achieve them. This will also give Max an idea of your current ability and everything he needs to create lesson plans and an atmosphere that will ensure you progress as quickly as possible.

For beginners in theory or singing, all you need to do is bring yourself and not worry about anything else! Max will explain the basics, work on some simple exercises in class, and set a simple task for next lesson.

For music production beginners, you must have a computer with your chosen DAW (preferably Ableton). The best way for beginners to learn is to emulate music you love, so you’ll be starting to write or record something similar to your favourite artist.

If you want to learn any electronic genre, you will learn the basics of navigating the software, how to create a drum beat, and some basic theory and MIDI to create a chord sequence and a melody.

If you're more interest in acoustic genres, you will learn the basics of the software and how to route audio through an interface. Then you’ll record some instruments and get a simple mix in the works!

Exam Grades
Please note that Max does not prepare students for exams for singing or production. If you are preparing for Theory exams, Max can teach you up to Grade 6, but Grade 8 and beyond if it's for fun.


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