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At Musictutors.co.uk, we care deeply about your safety and the quality of your experience. Every tutor you see here is a professional who has been interviewed and vetted. The chemistry part we leave to you - get started by sending a message to one or more of our tutors here.

  • Price From £11.70 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £16.20 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £13.95 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £13.95 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £11.70 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
  • Price From £16.20 per 30 min.
    save up to 20% with a block of lessons
online ukulele lessons

Online ukulele lessons with musictutors.co.uk

Would you like to learn to play or just get even better at ukulele? At musictutors.co.uk, we offer online ukulele teaching to everyone, regardless of your age or ability. Our online ukulele tutors are high-quality professionals and have years of experience teaching music - you are guaranteed a rich and rewarding learning experience. All our teachers are vetted to ensure they have several years of experience in music education, a degree level music education and poses the highest level of background check - the enhanced DBS certificate.

Online ukulele lessons, when it suits you

At Musictutors.co.uk we tailor your online ukulele lessons to suit your specific needs and aspirations. We have no waiting lists so it is possible to start your teaching whenever you like! Our skilled tutors offer both fixed courses and flexible lessons. Online lessons are a simple solution - no travelling to the lesson and you can learn in your slippers! You just need a standard broadband connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer - it couldn’t be simpler!

Up to 20% off your ukulele lessons

Purchase a block of lessons and save up to 20% on the lesson price! The lessons in your block are stored in your account, when your tutor creates the next lesson, it will be automatically confirmed and taken from your block. Schedule the same time each week, or be flexible and take them whenever you want them. Lesson blocks are available in 5, 10, or 20 lessons. We offer discounts of 10%, 15% and 20% depending on the size of your block.

For more information, contact us via 0113 4830264 or send an email to [email protected].

How do I get started?

At musictutors.co.uk we have made it easy for you to get started with online ukulele teaching. All you have to do is send a short message describing your requirements via your chosen tutors profile, and your ukulele tutor will contact you. You can see a selection of our online ukulele teachers above or search for a teacher via our find tutor function at the top of the page.

Who are your online ukulele teachers?

Visit our tutor profiles above to read about the individual online ukulele tutor. All of our tutors have been fully vetted to ensure they have the experience and professional background to provide a learning experience of the highest quality. We believe the online ukulele tutors at musictutors.co.uk are the best in the UK. Each tutor profile will tell you about the tutor, their background and approach to online ukulele teaching, alongside an overview of the instruments they teach. You can also read other ukulele student's recommendations of the tutor and find answers to various practical questions about pricing and availability.


  • 1. How can I get Started?
  • 2. Do I need to commit before trying out online lessons?
  • 3. Why are there different prices?
  • 4. Types of teaching
  • 5. Loan and rental of an instrument?
  • 6. Beginning or improving?
  • 7. Children
  • 8. Adults

1. How can I get started?

All you have to do is send a message directly to your chosen tutor via their profile, and the teacher will respond to you as promptly as possible. You and your tutor can now agree on the first lesson, and you can then proceed with either a single, non-binding lesson, offered at half price, or purchase a block of lessons.

2. Do I need to commit before trying out online lessons?

Once you have agreed your first lesson with your teacher, payment will be made via your account here on the site. All communication, booking and payment takes place via logging in to our website, which is easier and safer for all parties. Therefore, the first time you send a message to the teacher, a non-binding student profile is automatically created. Creating the profile does not obligate you in anyway. No purchase is necessary if you are not satisfied.

For more information, contact us via 0113 4830264 or send an email to [email protected].

3. Why are there different prices?

Prices vary from teacher to teacher and typically reflect their level of experience and demand. The teachers themselves choose their price and may review this from time to time in response to new qualifications or a change in their schedule. Therefore, a lower price level does not indicate a lack of quality.

4. Types of teaching

Musictutors.co.uk offers private, 1-1- teaching.

5. Loan or rental of an instrument?

It is not possible to rent or borrow instruments at musictutors.co.uk, but some teachers may be helpful in this regard when starting out. This will typically be described in their teacher profile.

6. Beginning or improving?

Musictutors.co.uk offers lessons at all levels, and if you have specific queries or are looking for an intense course in a specialised area, we can help you find the right teacher. This also applies if you are looking for help with preparation for auditions to Conservatoire or University. Similarly, if you need to brush up technique before a recording, or if you just want support to perform a single song for a special event, we can help you!

7. Children

All our educators are vetted and qualified to teach children. Every single one of our tutors has an enhanced DBS check in place. However, some teachers have a requirement for the students' minimum age, in which case it is stated in their teacher profile. If you have detailed questions about age or and educational practices, you can contact the teacher directly by si ply sending them a message via their profile.

8. Senior

Has it been 40 years since you last had an instrument in your hand and want to refresh the joy of playing? Maybe you've always had the desire to get to know an instrument, but have never done anything about it? Whatever your story, our expert online music tutors can help you get started and experience the joy of music once again, or even for the first time.

Looking for online lessons on a particular instrument?

If you have the courage to try your hand at another instrument, we offer online training on (almost) all instruments. You can use our search function (find tutor) to browse our online teachers in a particular instrument, or choose from our most popular instruments below:

  1. Online singing lessons
  2. Online piano lessons
  3. Online gitar lessons
  4. Online bass guitar lessons
  5. Online violin lessons
  6. Online lessons in music production

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