Our prices

At MusicTutors.co.uk you do not need to have lessons on a set day or time every week. For some, having a set time is best and this can be arranged with the tutor. Lessons last for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Payment Options

We have a range of payment options available. Take your lessons one by one and pay as you go, or buy in bulk to save time and money with a block of lessons.

Block of 20 lessons
20% discount*
Price per lesson
from £11.70 / 30 min.
Block of 10 lessons
15% discount*
Price per lesson
from £12.43 / 30 min.
Block of 5 lessons
10% discount*
Price per lesson
from £13.16 / 30 min.
Single lesson
Great for trial lessons
Price per lesson
from £14.63 / 30 min.
*Tutors are free to choose their price from a range of different options.
Experience, qualifications, and location are all factors when tutors choose their price.
The discounts applied to the tutors starting price are always the same.

Our Pricing Structure

At musictutors.co.uk, tutors place themselves within our 8 point pricing structure. Tutors choose a price based on their location and also their level of experience and qualification. Below, you can see the pay as you go prices (without discounts achieved with a block of lessons).

Prices 20 min. 30 min. 45 min. 60 min.
1 8.66,- 14.63,- 21.94,- 29.25,-
2 10.33,- 17.44,- 26.16,- 34.88,-
3 12,- 20.25,- 30.38,- 40.5,-
4 13.66,- 23.07,- 34.60,- 46.13,-
5 15.33,- 25.88,- 38.81,- 51.75,-

Are you already a student with us?

If you are a student and have had your first lesson, you can log on to the website to view your lessons or purchase a block of lessons. You are always welcome to get in touch with us via phone or email if you need help. Click here to log into your student account!

Do you want to become a student?

If you are not yet a student you can either search for a tutor or you are welcome to contact us via phone or email. We love helping people connect with their perfect tutor!

General Payment Information

Payment for all lessons must be made through musictutors.co.uk’s secure online payment system. Visa, Mastercard, and Visa Electron are all accepted. Payment may not be made in cash or via a transfer to a teacher's private bank account or Mobile payment system.

Prepayment of Tuition

Our music teachers are high-quality, professional people. In order to respect their time, all bookings must be confirmed and paid for in advance of lessons taking place. This helps protect a tutor’s time and also lets them focus on preparing great lessons for their students, without the distraction of checking on payments. Any lesson not confirmed and paid for, 24 hours prior to commencement will be cancelled automatically.

You can read more about our cancellation policy here. Our full terms and conditions can be found here

How to pay

Keep an eye on your Inbox!

Once the date, time, location and duration of the lesson have been agreed, the tutor will create a lesson for you in our booking system. We’ll send you a notification via email with instructions on how to confirm and pay for the lesson via our payment system. The email notification has a link which will take you directly to our payment system.

Log in to your Profile

You can always log in to your student profile here on the website for information on upcoming lessons. Your “dashboard” (the first page you see when logging in independently) and your “inbox” (where you communicate with your tutor) both have options to take you to the payment system.

Our payment system is designed with a range of options, simply choose the one that works best for you!

Information on Lesson Blocks
  • Log in to your profile and click 'Purchase a Block of Lessons' next to the tutor you would like to purchase lessons with.
  • Be sure to choose the correct lesson length for your block. If in doubt, ask your tutor for advice. If the tutor is coming to you, transport fees will also need to be added for each lesson in the block.
  • The more lessons you purchase in a block, the bigger the discount you get. You can read more about our prices in the section above, “prices”.
Information about Fixed Term Plan
  • Before choosing a Fixed Term Plan, talk with your tutor and read through the terms and conditions before you proceed to payment.
  • When your tutor creates 15 or more lessons, you will have the option to choose Fixed Term Plan to pay for the tuition

Fixed Term Plan are different to lesson blocks, a 20% discount is available on just 15 lessons, in exchange for a fixed schedule of lessons which can’t be altered or cancelled. If your tutor offers Fixed Term Plans, talk to them about a Fixed Term Plan if you can be sure of your schedule.

Transport Fees
  • If your tutor is travelling to you for lessons, they will let you know if they decide to add a transport fee in addition to the price of the lesson.
  • When purchasing a lesson block, please add the corresponding number of transport fees to the lessons in your block.

Value codes and gift cards

If you have a value code (eg from a gift card) then you must enter it in the payment window before entering your payment information and completing your purchase. The code will typically consist of both numbers and letters. Value codes are also used to redeem the first lesson half price offer. Your first lesson half price value code is available in your inbox.

Split Payment

With any purchase of five lessons or more. It is possible to divide your payment into three instalments at no extra cost. The first instalment will be taken immediately, the second installment payable after one month with the last instalment taken after 2 months. You can choose whether you want to pay using a Single Payment, or a Split Payment in the payment window.

Example: Student Anne purchases a block of lessons on the 13th January. The first instalment (one third of the total cost) is taken immediately. The second instalment is taken on the 13th February and the final instalment is taken on the 13th March.

Automatic Payment

Securely save your card details and confirm lessons automatically when your tutor creates them.

  • Log in to your profile
  • Select the tab 'my account' from the top menu.
  • Select My Payment Details<7li>
  • Add your payment card

Check the box(s) of the tutor(s) you want to book for you on automatic payment.

Automatic Payment and single lessons

Automatic payment is a great solution if you want to pay-as-you-go and save the time involved in confirming and paying every time. If you have saved your card details and selected automatic payment from your tutor, payment for lessons will be taken from your card as soon as your tutor creates lessons for you in the system. You will receive a receipt by email as soon as the purchase is completed. It’s both easy and convenient.

Without automatic payment, it’s still possible to pay-as-you-go for your lessons but you will need to login and confirm each lesson manually each time your tutor creates a session for you.

Automatic Payments and Blocks of Lessons

If you are signed up for automatic payment but subsequently purchase a block of lessons, automatic payments will be paused until the lesson block is exhausted. When the lesson block is used up, subsequent courses will be paid automatically with the registered card until a new lesson block is purchased. It’s our recommendation to buy a new block of lessons before the old one runs out. Alternatively, you can cancel automatic payments when you buy a lesson block. Once your block has expired, you will receive a payment reminder when the first lesson after the block is created.

Automatic Payments and Fixed Term Plan

If you are enrolled in automatic payment and afterwards agree with your tutor to commence a Fixed Term Plan, it is important that you remove the automatic payment function before you begin the Fixed Term Plan. The Fixed Term Plan triggers a special discount, which is chosen by you alongside approval of the terms and conditions before payment. If you don’t cancel automatic payment prior to the commencement of a Fixed Term Plan, the discount will not be activated. You can read more about the Fixed Term Plan discount terms in our Terms and Conditions.

Do you have questions? Or do you want more information on payment? Feel free to send us an email, or call us during office hours.