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Receive Trumpet Lessons in London!

Do you want to learn to play the Trumpet? We have wonderful teachers in and around the city of London. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an experienced player, our trumpet teachers in London are here to help you enhance your skills. All of our teachers are highly professional and experienced players who will help you reach your goals. Not only will you get the most out of your lessons, but you will also get better - no matter your current level or age. We offer lessons to everyone! Trumpet lessons will typically include some of the following elements:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Instrumental exercises
  • Reading sheet music
  • Relevant music theory
  • Much, much more depending on your level and needs!

Professional, Trusted Trumpet Tutors in London

We ensure that all of our trumpet tutors have an Enhanced DBS Certificate. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and make sure that all teachers share this same level of commitment. See the profiles of our trumpet teachers in London above. Only the sky is the limit when it comes to tailoring your own personal music course that matches your ambitions and needs.

Why take Trumpet Lessons?

The Trumpet is a brass instrument used in all kinds of music all over the world, though, the most popular genres in which they are used are jazz and classical music. Playing any instrument will help with relieving stress and getting the creative centres in the brain going but furthermore, playing the trumpet will also improve your breathing and help strengthen your core muscles. Most importantly of course, using the trumpet you can create beautiful melodies and phrases. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be playing all day long.

Do I need my own Trumpet?

It is always a good idea to have your own instrument so you have the opportunity to practice between trumpet lessons and in the end you will get better results. If you need help buying your first trumpet, you can always ask your teacher or us here at MusicTutors for advice. Also, it is always a good idea to go down to your local music shop and try out different trumpets to see which ones you like best. They're probably more than happy to help.

The Trumpet

The trumpet is a brass instrument and has the highest register in the family of brass instruments. It consists of an almost cylindrical, though a bit smaller at the mouth-piece and bigger at the sound-hole, pipe, which is formed, roughly, as a rounded rectangle. The trumpet also has valves which, when pressed, alter the sound. It is played by placing the lips at the mouth-piece and blowing air through the hole. Trumpets have famously been used through history as a signaling device though these do not look or sound like modern trumpets. Today, there are different types of trumpets which vary in shape and size depending on the type of music they are being used for. The most popular by far is the Bb trumpet.

Famous Trumpet Players

There are many different trumpet players of many different styles and genres. Whether you've heard the trumpet part on the Beatles' 'All You Need Is Love' or Miles Davis' album Kind of blue, you'll be familiar with the sound of the trumpet. Many famous trumpet players have received trumpet lessons to help them better their playing. Some of them right at the beginning when they were first starting out playing and some right up through their professional trumpet career.

Here are some very famous trumpet players you might want to check out:

  • Miles Davis
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Chet Baker
  • Gottfried Reiche
  • Dizzy Gillespie
  • Sergei Nakariakov
  • Sir Malcolm Henry Arnold

If you want to get familiar with the sound of the trumpet, here are some famous trumpet songs and pieces:

  • Trumpet Concerto - Joseph Haydn
  • Trumpet Concerto - Henri Tomasi
  • All blues – Miles Davis
  • But not for me – Chet Baker
  • C’est si Bon – Louis Armstrong

If you feel inspired by these pieces then surely the trumpet is the instrument for you! With trumpet lessons from our teachers you can get sounding like some of the greats! So get contacting one of our trumpet teachers today!

London: A World-Renowned Music Hub

London has a world-class reputation for music. The city hosts some of the biggest venues, outstanding universities and conservatoires, and is home to hundreds of famous musicians! London has given us iconic artists such as David Bowie, The Clash, and The Rolling Stones.

London is home to countless music venues, including everything from arenas and stadiums to tiny trendy bars. Some of London's biggest venues include O2 Arena, Wembley Stadium, and Wembley Arena. These are great for watching big, well-known bands, but if you're looking for indpendant bands and upcoming talent, you can check out venues like The Old Blue Last, The Finsbury and The Lexington. For touring bands, there's also The Roundhouse, O2 Academy Brixton, and Kentish Town Forum.

But that's not all! For fans of classical and jazz, The Barbican hosts an eclectic range of concerts throughout the year. Also, The Royal College of Music and Royal Academy of Music regularly host evening and lunchtime concerts from students, as well as some of the most highly regarded musicians in the world.

Of course, it's almost impossible to cover everything musical that's happening in London right now - it's truly endless! Check out these guides for an in-depth look at what's on:

When we start our musical journey, buying an instrument is the first hurdle to clear. There is almost a whole new language to learn and it's difficult to know where to start. However, if you go into a great music shop, there will be an expert on hand to get you started! Rose Morris is a great Central London store with a stunning selection of guitars. Similarly, Wunjo Guitars has a fantastic selection of guitars and bass guitars. If you’re interested in playing strings, The Piano Warehouse in South West London. Check out PMT for all your music technology needs, plus they have a great range of drum kits!

Want to take your music practise and make it social? Great idea! There are plenty of amateur and professional music groups that you can join in London. London City Voices is open to all those wanting to get involved - they put on annual concerts as well as great social events. Instrumentalists, click here for an extensive list of groups you can join in London.

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