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Music production

Hannah F-J

Tutor in Singing Music Production songwriting

Hannah is a London based performing Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer. She is educated from The ...



per. 30 min.


Tutor in Music Production songwriting Logic Pro

Merlin is a music professional who has been producing, mentoring and managing writers, producers and...



per. 30 min.

Daniele DL

Tutor in DJ Music Production

Dan has several years of experience in teaching DJing and Music Production to students of all ages a...



per. 30 min.

Dimitri R

Tutor in Guitar Piano Composition songwriting Music Production Keyboard

Dimitri is a composer, artist, and music educator. He has studied music composition in the St Peters...



per. 30 min.

Kat H

Tutor in Music Production Piano Keyboard

I have a degree from Bath Spa University in Commercial Music, specialising in Music Production. I h...



per. 30 min.

Luke J. Hatfield

Tutor in Music Production Drums

Luke is an exceptional self-taught drummer with 10 years experience and a recent graduate of Leeds C...



per. 30 min.

Georgia L

Tutor in Singing Composition A level tutor GCSE Tutor Piano songwriting Accordion Keyboard

Georgia released her debut album in late 2017 which led her to a nomination at the BBC radio 2 folk ...

Bradford-on-Avon Bristol


per. 30 min.

Dave G

Tutor in Guitar Bass Guitar Music Production

Dave is a Musician, Composer, Guitar and Bass teacher with over 15 years’ experience. After comple...



per. 30 min.

Ben B

Tutor in Ableton Live Logic Pro Music Production

Hi! My name is Ben. I hold an MA in Music Production from Leeds College of Music. I’ve been produc...



per. 30 min.


Tutor in songwriting Guitar Composition Music Production

<b>Richard</b><br /> <br /> Richard is a professional singer-songwriter, guitarist and music produce...



per. 30 min.

Learning Music Production

If you want lessons in music production it is a good idea to find the right teacher who can teach you the styles of music you want to make. offers lessons with teachers from across the country no matter your age or level of skill. Your teacher will adjust the lessons to your level to make sure that you get the most out of the lessons. This way you are ensured the best lessons possible. Lessons in music production will often include:

  • Finding and solving problems you may have
  • Tools and skill-sets to further improve your music
  • Inspiration and mentoring in how you make your music your own
  • Songwriting and composition
  • Sound design, mixing, and mastering your own tracks
  • Recording and mixing
  • Handling samples
  • Effects

Professional, Trusted Tutors

We ensure that all of our tutors have an Enhanced DBS Certificate. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and make sure that all teachers share the same level of commitment.

Why learn music production?

Have you written a cool song which you would like demo? Or maybe you want to produce electronic music and become a modern day dj? In any case, working with music production is necessary. Music production software, or DAWs as it's called, like Logic, Ableton or GarageBand, is readily available for both PC or MAC. While some the features are easy to use, getting to something that you actually want to release can be very difficult. Our teachers can help you with going that step further in improving your tracks. It may take time to learn what is essential for a good track, but when you do get the hang of it, it'll be worht the effort.

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