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All of us at Musictutors.co.uk love to share everything we know about music. That’s why we keep sharing inspiring content on this page for everyone to learn and get enjoyment from. Among others, in our indexes you will find both introductory articles and independent guides to buying your first instrument, and if you can’t wait until your next real-life music lesson, then go ahead and practice with the help of our many accessible tutorials in well-known songs and melodies.

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Created with a Love of Music.

We created this platform to be more than just a place to find great music teachers - we want to inspire a generation to take the time to learn a skill that will give a lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure. We hope you’ll find something in these pages that ignites your passion - please share with other musicians to help us achieve #MoreMusic

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About the Articles

Our articles are written by the dedicated and selfless musicians and programmers who make up the musictutors.co.uk community. Do you have an idea for us or maybe a way to contribute? Drop us a line via [email protected]

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